Group your Hue lights!

iConnectHue is an app that can group your lights. So if you use them in several rooms, you can easily arrange them in the way you expect them to use. For each group, you can save a color preset, adjust color and brightness and even start animations.

Let the light rise!

Let iConnectHue turn on lights when the first arrives and off when the last left.
Create a sunrise timer and let iConnectHue wake you up in the morning by a beautiful sunrise animation. Turn on your lights in the evening before sunset, if you want, depending on your presence.

Improve Tap&Dimmer!

Add up to 8 actions and 5 alternations to each button, use press AND hold function.
Alternations allow you to press again for another action set. Actions can be colors, presets (similar to scenes), brightness, on/off, sleep, blinking and even animations (with animation editor purchase).