Philips Hue is more fun on your iPhone with iConnectHue! It’s the ultimate Hue app and one of the best ways to control your Hue lights. Play with their colors and animate them in their nicest color shades! Multiply the possibilities of your Hue Tap, Hue Dimmer and Hue Motion Sensor with more than any other app is capable of. Easily create timers (fixed time and sunrise/sunset) and set conditions (somebody at home, group should be on). Start a sleep timer with just two taps! This and more under a clean and nice user interface. It’s family friendly, too!

Group your lights

iConnectHue is an app that can group your Hue lights. So if you use them in several rooms, you can easily arrange them in the way you expect them to use. For each group, you can save a color preset, adjust color and brightness and even start animations.

Compared to the original Hue app, you can use the same lights in several groups (as long as you created the group in iConnectHue).

Drag & Drop colors

With iConnectHue, you can simply copy colors to other Hue lights via drag & drop. Works even from temperature lights to color lights and the other way around! iConnectHue will calculate the nearest color automatically.

Intelligent timers

Create the timers you need – let iConnectHue wake you up in the morning by a beautiful sunrise animation. Turn on your lights in the evening before sunset. Or put your Hue lights to a certain color.

Color timers are even available for individual lights!

Intelligent timers can act on group on state and your presence. (Note: Animation timers need optional animation editor)

Give your switches more power

The best editor available for Hue Tap, Hue Dimmer and Hue Motion Sensor.

Add up to 8 actions and 5 alternations to each button. On your Dimmer, use press AND hold function.

Actions can be colors, presets (scenes), brightness, on/off, sleep, blinking and even animations (with optional animation editor).

Alternations let you do other things e.g. by  next button press, by day and night or by time range of the day. Create a group on/off toggle switches (“group on state”).

Start sleep timers instantly

Start sleep timers instantly in every group or room with just two taps. Your Hue lights can either fade over the whole time, in the last minutes, or turn off after the time passed.

Directly at your finger tips

iConnectHue has the most versatile Hue widget editor available (optional). Create and edit the widget you need, with live preview!

Many functions available directly at your finger tips:
Presets, group and light switches, apply colors to groups, sleep timers, dim groups, see group light states, your temperature (from any of your motion sensors) or even start animations (with animation editor in app purchase).

Bring your lights to life

iConnectHue comes with a free big delivered animation package, and offers you several more optional animation packages – just in case you get tired of the delivered ones 😉

With the optional animation editor, you can create your own animations, upload animations to switches (Hue Tap, Hue Dimmer), use them for timers, have them in your widget and on your Apple Watch.

App of the month several times

Philips has chosen iConnectHue to be the Philips Hue app of the month no less than 3 times!

There are reasons for this: It is being developed continuously. And it’s the most advanced 3rd party app you can get for your Hue system! Try it out today!