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Philips Hue lights are more fun with iConnectHue – the best app for iPhone- and iPad to manage your Hue-Lights. Playing with colors, effects and dynamic animations is pure entertainment!

Enhance switches like Hue Tap/Dial Switch, Hue Dimmer, Smart Button, Friends of Hue, Motion Sensors and Lutron Aurora with multiple functions such as brightness, scenes, switch on/off or even optional color-animations.

iConnectHue’s intelligent timers activate Hue-Lamps at sunrise, sunset or any defined time – you can even let a timer recognize if you are at home or only act if your group is on or off. A sleep timer is ready to go with just two taps! The group-feature comes in handy to organize multiple Hue lights.

Discotainment makes your party a Hue Disco! iConnectHue is an essential ingredient for your Hue system brings you an ultimate feature-set packed in a clean and intuitive interface, which just received a better design with version 4 to give you a fantastic user experience with Philips Hue on iOS.
iConnectHue exists since 2013 and STILL receives regular updates in 2024!

Main interface and color picker

Developer & want to make this app even greater?

We’re looking for an iOS developer. More details on our jobs page.

Group your lights

iConnectHue is an app that can group your Hue lights. So if you use them in several rooms, you can easily arrange them in the way you expect them to use. For each group, you can save a scene, adjust color and brightness and even start animations or load Magic Scenes. Compared to the strict rooms concept, groups allow you to group specific lights together, even if they are already in a room. Zones allow you to join bigger parts of your house or flat.

Groups and Zones can be used like normal rooms, over the entire app, without any restrictions. Both groups and zones allow you to share the same lights with other rooms, groups and zones.
(Picture shows Pro version with widget and group picture)

Drag & Drop colors

With iConnectHue, you can simply copy colors to other Hue lights via drag & drop.

Even works from temperature and fixed temperature lights to color lights and the other way around, with Gradient lights and with candle & fire effects! iConnectHue will calculate the best matching choice automatically.

Intelligent timers

Create the timers you need – let iConnectHue wake you up in the morning by a beautiful sunrise animation. Turn on your lights in the evening before sunset. Or put your Hue lights to a certain color.

Color timers are even available for individual lights!

Intelligent timers can act on group on state and your presence. (Note: Animation timers need optional Animation Upgrade, presence timers the Automation, or just one of our memberships)

More versatile switches & sensors

The best editor available for Hue Tap/Dial Switch, Dimmer, Hue Smart Button, Friends of Hue switches, Hue Motion Sensors and Lutron Aurora.

Add up to 8 actions and 5 alternations to each button. On your Dimmer, Smart Button & Aurora, use press AND hold function.

Actions can be colors, scenes, brightness, on/off, sleep, blinking and even animations (with optional animation upgrade).

Alternations let you do other things e.g. by  next button press, by day and night or by time range of the day. Create a group on/off toggle switches (“group on state”).

Instant sleep timers, reminders, transitions

Start sleep timers, reminders, and transition to a scene or magic scene instantly in every group or room with just two taps. Your Hue lights can either fade over the whole time, in the last minutes, or turn off after the time has passed. Reminders can blink once or for 10 seconds.
They are also available for switches and the widget editor, with the Pro membership you can run them via Siri Shortcuts.

(Picture shows Pro version with widget and group picture)

Widget: At your finger tips

iConnectHue has the most versatile Hue widget editor available. Quickly create and edit the widget you need, with live preview!

Many functions available directly at your finger tips:
Scenes, Magic Scenes, group and light switches, apply colors to groups, sleep timers, reminders, group dimmer, see group light states, your temperature (from any of your motion sensors), disable/enable motion sensors or even start animations (with additional animation upgrade or membership).

Bring your lights to life

iConnectHue comes with a big free delivered animation package, and offers you several more optional animation packages – just in case you get tired of the delivered ones 😉

With the optional animation upgrade, you can create your own animations, upload animations to switches (Hue Tap/Dial Switch, Hue Dimmer, Smart Button, Friends of Hue, Lutron Aurora) and Sensors (Indoor & Outdoor Hue Motion Sensor), use them for timers, have them in your widget and on your Apple Watch.

Make your own lightshow!

Discotainment is the audio visualizer lightshow you’ll love! It uses Philips’ Hue Entertainment to create near instant Disco effects, is able to detect beats (works best with beat heavy electronic and pop music), volume and is able to visualize and sync your lights in a way you’ve not yet seen from any other visualizer app!

The best: You can configure it to your needs – yes, beginning with which Magic Scenes you want, how they are being used, over brightness changes, ending with strobe/sparkle effects. Disco up your party!

(Discotainment is an optional feature not included in the basic app)

Hueblog on Discotainment (German)

Magic Scenes are… magic!

Magic scenes are scenes that can be used in every group, with every gradient light and can be altered to fit into your group or light with a few finger tips.

They consist of a set of colors – and they are assembled in a few seconds – either manually, or (with Membership) from gradients and pictures! Forget all the clumsy ways and multiple steps of getting a scene created – this is the possibly fastest and most convenient way to create scenes you’ve seen!

Several Magic Scene packages are already available, several more of them are optionally available.
With a Membership, you can create Magic Scenes from gradients and pictures.

Featured several times

Philips has chosen iConnectHue to be the Philips Hue App of the month no less than 5 times! It’s also featured as one of the few Hue Entertainment capable apps.

iConnectHue has also been featured for its BIG 4.0 update and has been selected as one of the top paid apps in 2019 by Apple in the App Store.

iConnectHue is one of the top paid apps in 2019There are reasons for this: It is being developed continuously, and it’s the most advanced 3rd party app you can get for your Hue system! Try it out today!

Share & duplicate your content

With a Basic or Pro membership you can share your content with other iConnectHue members, like your family or friends, or other members of the big Hue community, and duplicate it to create more variations.

Content you can currently share & duplicate are Magic Scenes, Disco Scenes and Animations.

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