The widget editor allows you to adjust your widget to your own preferences.

The widget editor allows you to adjust your widget to your own preferences.

With the newly released version 1.9, iConnectHue offers iOS 8 widget support. When one uses the widget editor, it goes beyond functionality that the original Hue app offers, like scenes, and adds group and light specific switches, dimmers, group light states shortcuts to sleep timers. With remote access (in app purchase), the widget can show and control all lights while one is on the road.

The widget always represents the current states, like light colors, group colors, lightness and the currently selected preset – things no other widgets can offer in this extent. It is able to sync all this via the bridge and via iCloud.

The most outstanding feature though is its editor: One can throw in anything one would like to use, it is automatically being layouted. The widget can grow depending on its content. While editing, the widget can already be seen and used – fully functional in the app! The widget itself immediately updates with all your changes and is ready after a swipe down.

The widget editor is an in app purchase, since it massively advances the functionality of iConnectHue and, at the same time, surpasses any existing Hue widget. Even without the purchase, the widget editor can be tried out – while one still has a master button in the widget. Since iConnectHue is open for user input, the editor will be further improved in the future.

iConnectHue is a group oriented alternative to the original Hue app with a user friendly interface, comprehensive in app help and support and detail solutions Hue users are missing elsewhere. It was just featured by Philips as app of the month in August and is now officially recommended by Philips as one of the top selected 3rd party apps. It is the first 3rd party app to support the new Hue Beyond and Impulse lights with this release and was the first 3rd party app to support Hue Tap and Hue Lux. It was also the first major Hue app to have iPhone 6 (+) support.

Widget Editor Features

  • Allows to be layouted to your needs with freely assignable widget items and free size and number of items
    • Add group and light switches
    • Add your own selection of presets
    • Add group dimmers
    • Add sleep timer shortcuts
    • Add light states
    • Add spacers to separate certain widget items
  • Widget can connect remotely to your bridge (via remote access in app purchase)
  • Widget (when used with Editor) always represents all current light and selected preset states

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