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About Magic Scenes

Magic Scenes are generic scenes that you can use, once created, use everywhere: For Rooms, Zones, or for Gradient lights. They let you easily create great color gradients that you can adjust to your target with only a few finger tips. No need to move every single light around on your color picker, instead you move the whole scene around the lights until you’ve reached your goal.
Not only that: They don’t occupy precious space on your Hue Bridge when not used with timers or switches.

How to create custom Magic Scenes

New Magic Scene Setup

The first step is the same for all options: just go into the group menu, select ‘Magic Scenes’ at the bottom of the screen, and then tap on ‘New Magic Scene’

Of course, you’ll also want to let your ideas run wild and not just use the multitude of pre-set magics but set up something of your own. Therefore we’ve implemented four different ways to do so.

Magic Scene From Image 1

from an image:

  • The first step mirrors the beginning of any magic scene creation. After that, select ‘From Image’.
  • Pick and adjust a photo to capture the part you want to convert into your scene.
  • View the transformation immediately and fine-tune settings like brightness and color.
  • Save your customized scene with a distinctive name.

Magic Scene Gradient

with a Gradient:

  • Following the initial step, choose ‘From Gradient’.
  • Adjust a semicircle of points to set your gradient. Change their size and distance to alter the effect.
  • Experiment with different gradient styles and finalize your color choice.
  • Confirm and save your gradient-based magic scene.

Magic Scene AI 1

from descriptions with AI:

  • After the initial common step, go to ‘Create from Description’.
  • Provide a detailed description for the AI to visualize and create your scene.
  • Once the AI crafts your scene, tweak the settings to match your vision.
  • Name and save the AI-generated scene.

Manual Magic Scene Creation

manually from colors:

  • Start as you would with other methods, then proceed to ‘Manually from Colors’.
  • Add and customize colors to form your scene’s base.
  • Adjust additional settings to refine your scene.
  • Finalize by naming and saving your manually created scene.

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