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Function Basic App With In App Purchases (IAP) Basic Membership

Price List

Pro Membership

Price List
Create groups, rooms and zones
Color, color temperature and favorites
Create scenes
Create Magic Scenes
Play delivered Magic Scenes
Use animations in app
Remote access
Versatile switch and sensor editing
Define power on state of lights
Color & Light state drag & drop
Intelligent timers
Sleep timer, reminder and fade over
Multiple normal, sunset and sunrise timers
Family sharing of app itself
Hue Smart Button support
Long press exclusive hold for switches
Slide to change brightness in group view
Edit room/zone type
Scene cleanup functionality
Widget entry naming and headlines
Add scene or Magic Scene to Siri
Use iPhone search for most used scenes
Hide specific groups, rooms and zones
Many 3rd party lights supported
Full support of all compatible switches and sensors
Wall Switch Module support if purchased with version 4.6 or later with 2021-Upgrade
Combine group on alternation with day/night, timeslot, or push alternation if purchased with version 4.6 or later with 2021-Upgrade
Additional button press extends sleep timer if purchased with version 4.6 or later with 2021-Upgrade
Number of bridges 1 unlimited (with IAP Multibridge) 2 unlimited
Number of user created animations 1 unlimited (with IAP Animation Upgrade) unlimited unlimited
Discotainment 1min with breaks unlimited (with IAP Discotainment) unlimited unlimited
Share Magic Scenes and Animations 3x unlimited unlimited
Duplicate own Magic Scenes and Animations unlimited unlimited
Additional thematic/seasonal Magic Scenes In multiple packages of 6 via IAP All All
Add Animation to Siri with IAP Animation Upgrade
Use animations for timers, switches & in widget with IAP Animation Upgrade
Create more Animations with IAP Animation Upgrade
Additional thematic/seasonal Animations In multiple packages of 6 via IAP All All
Automation with IAP Automation
Weekend Mode with IAP Weekend Mode
Presence dependent timers with IAP Automation
Multiple locations with IAP Multibridge
Watch Plus with IAP Watch Plus
Widget on Apple Watch
Group widget
Group picture
Share membership with family members of same household
Incandescent mode
Daylight functionality
Add sleep timer, reminder to Siri
Light migration wizard
Relative change of color temperature via switch

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