Copy & Paste Colors with Philips Hue lights

Copy Colors within the App In the Pro version of iConnectHue, you have the ability to easily copy the colors of your Philips Hue lights and paste them elsewhere. This feature is available not only for rooms, groups, and individual lights, but also for switches,...

Magic Scenes Tutorial

About Magic Scenes Magic Scenes are generic scenes that you can use, once created, use everywhere: For Rooms, Zones, or for Gradient lights. They let you easily create great color gradients that you can adjust to your target with only a few finger tips. No need to...

How to make your doorbell blink your Hue lights

If you have a quiet doorbell or your home is too big so you sometimes miss when somebody’s ringing – buy a relais and a Philips Hue wall switch module and get some visual notification for your doorbell – this is how we did it: Setup your Hue wall...

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