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Copy Colors within the App

In iConnectHue, you can transfer colors to individual lights without needing the Pro version by using drag and drop. Simply drag the desired color onto the group name, and this will change all lights to the same color.

In the Pro version of iConnectHue, you have the ability to easily copy the colors of your Philips Hue lights and paste them elsewhere. This feature is available not only for rooms, groups, and individual lights, but also for switches, widgets, the Magic Scene Editor, timers, and more. The best part: Unlike most other apps, it’s color-correct, meaning the colors you have on your screen should match those of your Hue lights!
We’ll guide you through the process in a few simple steps:

Go to any color picker, e.g. one of your room or light of choice, and select a color you’d like to copy (if not yet chosen).

Tap on the three dots at the top.

Choose “Copy color” from the menu. Now the color is on your device’s clipboard.

Now you can, for example, go to any other room, device or choose a light of your choice where you want to use the color. For the example of the switch editor, go to “Add first Action” or “Add new Action”.

Tap on “Group Color”

Tap on the three dots on the top right.

Tap on “Paste Color”

That’s it, your color is copied and ready to be used.

All color values are copied to iOS’ clipboard, so you are able to use them outside, if you want to.

Copy Colors from outside, supported formats

You can also paste colors from outside the app, for this we support these formats:

    1. Hex: #ABCDEF –> Example: FFFF00 – yellow (Hex values are interpreted as sRGB, which is web standard, but doesn’t cover all your light’s colors)
    2. By tuple: RGB(0, 128, 255), values from 0-255 OR 0.0-1.0 RGB(0.1, 0.5, 0.7) –> Example: RGB(64, 0, 255) – blue
      • For tuple input, you can specify the format as a prefix: RGB/SRGB (both sRGB), DISPLAYP3, WIDERGB (DisplayP3 is the format used by your iPhone’s display and camera, and covers a wider range than sRGB WideRGB is an artificial format and covers all of your light’s colors)
    3. Input as XY values: (CIE 1931): (0.3; 0.5) –> Example: (CIE 1931): (0.3; 0.6) – green
    4. Color temperature in the form of: 2500K or 2500 Kelvin (both with and without spaces) –> Example: 6000K (which is cold white)

    Starting from version 5.5, you can additionally define the brightness with a color.

    Hex -> 2 additional digits in Hex can optionally specify the brightness –> Example: FFFF00FF -> yellow with 100% brightness

    Specify in tuple B for “Brightness”, the last entry then being the brightness (from 0-1, or 0-255, depending on what is used), for example RGBB(R, G, B, B).

    This also works with other formats:

    • XYB(0.3, 0.3, 1.0) –> Example: XYB(0.3, 0.3, 1.0) -> white with max brightness
    • KB(K, B) -> K for Kelvin and B for brightness –> KB(6000K, 1.0) (cold white with max brightness)

NOTE: You should always pick the correct prefix from your color’s source so the color will be matched by your Philips Hue lights.

To paste the desired color, follow these steps:

Simply copy the desired color code (e.g. from a page that offers colors in Hex codes) by tapping and holding on the code until it is highlighted, or manually select it.

Go to any room or group or select a lamp of your choice.

Tap on the three dots at the top.

Select “Paste color” from the menu.

Confirm that iConnectHue can use the color from your browser.

That’s it, your color is copied and ready to be used.

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