In time with the availability of Hue Taps in Apple’s US and UK online stores, Crossfire Designs has released iConnectHue 1.8 with iCloud and Hue Tap support.

It’s the first third-party app to support the Hue Tap and offers more functionality than the stock Hue app. Instead of merely supporting a scene based concept, iConnectHue is group oriented. One advantage is that users can associate their switches with rooms.

iConnectHue also allows users to associate multiple actions per button. Multiple presets can be bound to one tap button, where a preset includes all light states of a group, which may represent one or several rooms. iConnectHue can also combine actions – for instance, activating a preset for the living room can automatically switch off lights in the corridor.

Another advantage over the stock Hue app is to define the transition time to trigger lights, rooms and presets. This allows users to slowly fade between different moods, or to grab one last thing from their room, before the light finally turns off.

Just a week ago, iConnectHue HD for the iPad has been released. iCloud support in version 1.8 has especially implemented for users having multiple instances of iConnectHue, like iConnectHue HD on the iPad and iConnectHue on the iPhone. Version 1.8.1 will make instances can work hand in hand, syncing presets and settings within seconds.

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