Friends of Hue support: We’re proud to announce that Friends of Hue switches are now supported with iConnectHue 3.6.
Starting now, you can search for these switches and configure them with the known many options that iConnectHue’s editor provides.
What’s really cool is that we give you a 5th and 6th switch on these devices! This is achieved by pressing both top or bottom buttons at the same time.

As known from other devices, these things can be done:

  • Alternations like multiple presses, time slots, day/night and group “on” state (only short press)
  • Fade times for each action can be set
  • Up to 8 actions per button press – colors, scenes, Magic Scenes, and (optionally) animations, blink alerts, sleep timers, motion sensor cancel, group and light on/off

We already have reviewed some of these Friends of Hue switches on our list of supported devices.

We also have done several more things

  • iConnectHue now supports zones, to allow to split your flat into bigger parts
  • Many new room types are supported and received a appropriate icon
  • Animations with Magic Scenes are now started much faster
  • The Hue bridge can new be rebooted (on the bridge service page), in case e.g. timers are not working as expected
  • Support for several more 3rd party devices has been added
  • We’ve improved several parts of the app

Note that zones are currently presented the same way as groups and rooms. This may change with future updates. Zones can be used the same way as groups and rooms throughout the entire app.

You can read more about iConnectHue’s features on the Feature page.

iConnectHue 3.6 is a free update for existing users and is available in the App Store.

Get the feature press image here.

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