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You want to use two motion sensors in the same area and make them work together? Here is a step by step tutorial how to make it happen with iConnectHue:

Please Note: This tutorial describes how to set up one motion sensor, at the end please repeat these steps for the second one. In our example the motion sensors are called “Corridor A” and “Corridor B”.


At first make sure you have “only reacts if groups are off” turned OFF – so that one motion sensor can take over actions of you are out of sight of the other one (note that this means that cancelling via switches or app will not work).

(It can also remain turned on, but with the following constraint: if you have a sensor in the beginning of the hallway and one at the end (non-overlapping), the lights will turn on once you arrive in the hallway. If you move to the other end, however, the lamps will turn off for a second, as the second sensor will not prolong the activity phase, but only react again once the lights are off again and there is motion.)

Now select “Add new action”.

Select to cancel motion sensor

In our example we let the motion sensor “Corridor A” cancel the inactivity actions of “Corridor B”.

Make sure you did it for every time slot.

At last make sure that you have set your motion sensors to dim and then turn off. The state return is currently not supported for motion sensor combination.

Remember to do the same process for the second sensor.

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