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If your Hue Smart Button base is just lying around, because you have it attached to a fridge or like to have it mobile, you can still put it to good use for your Lutron Aurora. With a little handywork and preferably a mini electric grinder this is easily done. See for yourself:

All you need is the Hue Smart Button base, a Lutron Aurora and a tool for trimming the edge at the bottom of your dimmer, preferably a mini electric grinder.
On the left side you can see the processed Lutron Aurora. To get an approximately even result, we recommend the use of a fine grinding head. At first detach the mounting from the actual dimmer, in order to be able to hold it tightly. Now work your way around the grey plastic smoothly multiple times to give the ring a conical shape as you can see it on the picture. Don’t be to hasty, try attaching the Lutron Aurora to the base once in a while. You don’t want to trim it too much and can’t get it to stick in the end.
That’s the outcome you’re hoping for. We didn’t use any glue in order to get the Aurora easily detached if necessary – It’s plain physics. Of course, at some point there has to be a battery change….

Get your devices here:
Amazon EU: Philips Hue Smart Button
Amazon US/CA: Philips Hue Smart Button

Amazon US: Lutron Aurora

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