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There are two ways of setting up a Siri shortcut for iConnectHue. With a membership or 2020 upgrade (latter is included for everyone who purchased it beginning with version 4/ After Nov 2019), you can create many actions directly from iConnectHue to control your Philips Hue lights! For that, tap the menu button (three dots) and select to add it to Siri.

This tutorial is only about the second way:

How to create a shortcut with the Siri Shortcuts app?

Siri Shortcuts are a way to allow apps to support certain actions to be made available to Siri. The way they work, they require your interaction. When you do something in iConnectHue, iOS will be notified about that action. Therefore, to be able to have a certain action available in Siri Shortcuts, you need to perform it first in iConnectHue and let Siri learn from it.

Now let’s get started!


Do what you’d like to use for a shortcut

In this example I chose to let Siri activate my “Cozy” scene if I say so. So I performed the action myself at first.

Setting up the Siri shortcut


Setting up actions across multiple rooms

How to bring the shortcut on your Home Screen?

Which actions are supported?

Currently these actions are supported:

  • Scenes, Magic Scenes, group colors, Animations (only w/ Animation upgrade or membership)
  • Group off (only off!) and light on/off
  • Discotainment opening, starting and stopping (only w/ Discotainment addon or membership)

With Pro, additionally:

  • Starting sleep timers and reminders
  • Start/change Discotainment-Scenes

Please note that some of these actions, if you don’t have a membership, require you to have the appropriate module purchased. So e.g. without membership you need to have the animation upgrade purchased to control Animations with Siri, Discotainment actions require the Discotainment addon. Colors need to have a name in order to be listed; If they don’t appear, simply rename them and select them again. Animations are only supported to be started by Siri Shortcuts for at least v2 bridges (square shape).
All actions have to be done in iConnectHue or your Apple Watch. The widget nor any hardware switches do handle this at the moment!

In comparison to HomeKit, Siri Shortcuts have the advantage of not being restricted to the square bridge, and not to be limited to Philips certified 3rd party lights. They also handle the extra features you know from iConnectHue – animations are stopped, motion sensors are cancelled (if set up so).


What if my actions don’t appear in Siri Shortcuts?

If you’re actions don’t appear in Siri Shortcuts after you performed them, open your iPhone Settings, select iConnectHue and check if you allowed Siri to learn from iConnectHue:

Also it might help to try a different approach by directly selecting the app you want a shortcut for:

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