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If you have a quiet doorbell or your home is too big so you sometimes miss when somebody’s ringing – buy a relais and a Philips Hue wall switch module and get some visual notification for your doorbell – this is how we did it:

Setup your Hue wall switch module as Push switch with one button in iConnectHue (can be changed by selecting the three dots at the top->Change wall switch type). When you get asked to press the button, simply bring together the two wires for a moment (low voltage, nothing bad can happen).
Now add a blink action for each particular group you want to have blinking when the bell rings.
This is our doorbell from RITTO.
> Remove the earpiece by pulling the plug. Open the case – please research yourself how to open your particular model.
Connect the relais to the mainboard according to their manual. Once done, connect the cables from your Hue wall switch module with the RITTO relais as you can see it in the picture. If it’s a different model, check also the delivered manual for help.
When this is done, check if it’s working and ring your door bell.
Tip: You can see the last time your module got triggered in our devices menu.

Please note: The Ritto device shown is an older one and the relais is a different one. Readers should check compatibility first.
The wall switch module has been selected as they have a better battery reliability and don’t require extra tinkering. Otherwise a Smart button could have been used.

Get the Ritto relais here:
Amazon EU: Ritto doorbell relais

Get the Hue wall switch module here:
Amazon EU: Philips Hue Wall Switch Module
Amazon US/CA: Philips Hue Wall Switch Module

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