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iConnectHue allows you to do advanced editing of your Philips Hue (Signify Hue) switches like the Hue Tap, Hue Dimmer, Hue Smart Button, but also for Friends of Hue switches and 3rd party switches like Lutron Aurora. You can program them the way you want. For all devices it is possible to set several actions for one button.

There are numerous possibilities to set the WHEN and WHAT for a single button, e.g. depending on time or group on state. Here we’ll show you how to set up such Alternations with the example of the Hue Dimmer. This can be applied to all other switch models as well.


Which alternations are possible?

Please create a first action for the button, and then select „Add time or count dependence” or the button for alternations top right.

In the pop-up you will find different ways to alternate.


Split for multiple presses

Each push of the button will start a different action. The next button push is marked by „(NEXT)“. If „Reset after 10 seconds“ is set, the next button after 10 seconds will always be the first button. Otherwise it is in sequential order.

You can set actions for up to five presses.


Split by day and night

This will enable different actions depending on day- or nighttime. Please note that a home location must be set in the menu under „Automation“ to allow iConnectHue to calculate your correct sunset and sunrise time.

This calculated time can also be changed by selecting „Edit“, and then adding a positive or negative offset. The offset, however, will be activated for all sunrise/sunset related times (also timers).


Split by time

This enables setting up different time slots, in which the button will behave differently. These times can be chosen and up to five time-slots are possible.


Split by group on state

A further alternation is splitting by group on state: here a group or room can be selected, and if this group is turned on, different actions can be added to the button than when the group is turned off.


Resetting chosen alternation type

Please note that (except Weekend mode) only one alternation type can be selected: it is not possible for example to have a different split by group on state depending on the time.
If you want to choose a different alternation type, please select the edit pen top right and then delete all alternations but one: This way you can decide again which type you’d like to have.

Tip: Use the Wizard to reset all settings.


Weekend mode

A new feature is the weekend mode, which can be configured additionally to the other alternation types for all switches and the Hue motion sensor (except Friends-of-Hue long presses and the rotation buttons of Lutron Aurora).

To remove the weekend mode, please either delete it via the alternations button or by deleting all actions – use the wizard to do a full clean up.

If you select the three dots at the top, you can configure which days should count as weekend by selecting “Edit weekend”.


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