iConnectHue allows you to have different automated functions when individual app users arrive or leave at a home location via geofencing.
This feature is called Automation, and is an in-app purchase or also part of our membership subscriptions.


How do I start the setup?

Please use the wizard, which will guide you through the further setup process.

Please connect to the Hue Portal first with your Hue username/e-mail address and password.
In case you don’t have an account yet, you can easily create one.
In case you have multiple bridges, please choose the one you want to set up in this session.
Please note, that you need a Hue account for every bridge.

Next you’ll see a success message.
It is important to add that Philips is providing the Hue portal. In case you have trouble logging in, or you are disconnected repeatedly, there is unfortunately nothing we at iConnectHue can do.
If there are no security concerns it might be time-saving to save your passwords in the Safari browser so you will not have to type it in for every reconnect.

The next step is to enable notifications.




How do I add my home location?

To be able to set up your home location, and to decide later if you’re at home or somewhere else, it is important to allow iConnectHue to access your location.
Please select “Allow While Using App” in the pop-up.

You will be asked to change to your iOS settings.

Here select “Location”…

…and choose “Always”.
We do not track you, but of course need to know automatically when you arrive at or leave your home location.

It might appear at first that your location is in the middle of nowhere – please tap the arrow to be forwarded to your actual position.
In case it is slightly off, you can also alter your home location on the map.
Furthermore, you can decide the radius around this position for what is to be considered as home.
Once everything is done, please select “Set home location”.


How do I add users?

In the last step of the wizard you’re asked to add yourself (or rather this device) as a user.

Other people with iConnectHue on the same bridge can add themselves on their own devices.
The user of the current device is pictured all filled out – for other users, the icon is only a hull.
Users with a green icon are currently at the home location.
By swiping them to the left, you can manually change them to be either present or absent.
Furthermore, users can also by deleted when swipped right, or the edit button on the top right has been selected.


How do I set up general and user-specific actions?

In the point „On Arrival and Leaving“ in Automation actions can be set up that will be triggered once the first person is arriving at the home location of the bridge, and the last person leaves the location. A wizard is also available to help you in the process.

In the menu point „Users“ specific actions for the users can be set up – independent of the first person arriving/last person leaving.


Using presence in intelligent timers

Timers can also respect your presence. You can can find these options under „Presence“ in your timer settings.

The timers can be active under several presence conditions.

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