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Turn your living room into a living Hue disco – by using your Philips Hue Lights and their Entertainment feature! With iConnectHue’s Discotainment you can easily make the most of your party and get your people in dancing mood, which might even save you some booze 🙂
One of our employees even uses Discotainment to create the perfect atmosphere for concerts.

This Tutorial will show you how to set up your Entertainment areas and create the fitting vibe for your Hue disco.


Which lights are supported?

Only color lights and only those made by Philips and labelled “Hue”. Also only those which have a recent firmware installed. This has technical reasons: To be able to control these lights in a fast way, they need to have been set up for especially Entertainment mode. Once they are in this mode, they won’t react to any other commands from apps, switches and timers.
It looks as if some Living Colors lights are also compatible – it is possible that those also sold in a “Hue” variant (Bloom, Iris) are in fact the same lights, just without the remote. So their Living Colors counterparts may receive a new firmware.

Also, make sure, when you set up an Entertainment group, that your lights used are not too far away from each other. When they are in Entertainment mode, they don’t act as repeaters any longer.


How to select, set up or edit an Entertainment area


How to use the Visualization settings

How to change single parameters of Discotainment





Additional settings

How does Discotainment work?

Discotainment uses Hue Entertainment, which allows it to control your lights much faster than most other apps can do under normal conditions. This allows iConnectHue to do some great effects that wouldn’t be possible in this speed otherwise.
This comes with some caveats though: Since it requires a specialized firmware, currently only original Philips Hue and Friends of Hue lights with a recent firmware work. It also means, due to this specialized mode, “Hue Entertainment”, only a limited number of lights can be controlled at the same time (see How Hue Entertainment works).

As always, you get the latest technology with iConnectHue. Since it allows us to give you things others can’t do, we think the light limitations given are a fair tradeoff.

For audio, iConnectHue picks up any music using your microphone. This is the only “official” way Apple allows music to be captured by apps. There’s no universal way for an app to directly capture audio from an app playing on your device. For specific things like Spotify and Apple Music, APIs are available, but we wanted to give you a universal way that doesn’t stick you to one of these ways. Plus, iConnectHue hence isn’t only restricted to songs it knows.
Audio capturing works with quite low latency, beat detection is almost non-influenced by mid range frequency noise.

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