Create one or multiple actions per tap button. Add alternations to turn on and off with just one button.

Create one or multiple actions per tap button. Add alternations to turn on and off with just one button.

The often featured Hue app has been re-invented: iConnectHue 2 proves its quality again with a renewed user interface, clearer overview and multiple detail improvements.

Improvements to the app allow a faster usage and a quicker user interface – the fastest iConnectHue that was yet made! Due to new symbols, clearer responses and improved

arrangement the user has an even better light system overview.

With one tap, groups can be turned on and off or configured. Useless searching in the menus is a thing of the past. With a clever new editing function, lights within a group can now be arranged as one wishes. The improved favourites make it more easy to store and select your colors. It even deliveres some factory colors to adjust your lights to your mood or your activity.

What makes this new iConnectHue even better is the new Hue Tap editor. It finally allows to add up to four alternations to each tap button – which makes iConnectHue the first iOS app to allow that and the first app that can do this completely individually. Step through your presets, multiple lightnesses, alert your children with a blink function, or just make the tap what it should behave like: One tap is on, the next tap is off!

The most important improvements:


  • Completely overhauled design
  • Better overview due to clearer icon designs
  • The UI responds to you and makes its state clear

Light control

  • Hue Tap now allows up to four alternations per tap button
  • Turn off and on groups now with just a single tap
  • Blink your lights with your tap to alert somebody

Arrangement and favourites

  • Lights in each group can be ordered individually and sync over all devices
  • Ready on first install: Delivered colours in the favourites
  • Sort your favourites in the order you like
  • Light list is now by default ordered by groupsDelete old lights from your bridge

Under the hood

  • Faster UI response
  • Improved stability
  • Colors from other apps better supported
  • Hue Go and Hue Phoenix support

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