Is it easter already?!…
Well, it’s almost – and we present to you our finest selection of easter eggs in freshly painted colors. Best part: None of them are hidden! 😉
The changes:

  • AI Magic Scenes
  • Easter scene set available again
  • Improved time displayment
  • Improved: Long press for real daylight
  • Set up Hue Dimmer like v1/v2

AI generated Magic Scenes from description

AI generated Magic Scenes also explain why certain colors have been choseniConnectHue is the first Hue app to give you AI assisted functions – you can now generate Magic Scenes from description! Write down what you imagine, and our app will try to do the best to generate your scene! It will describe which colors it used and why.

Note: We currently deem this as beta feature. It should work, but it may still need some finetuning and feedback from you.
This function is something we need to pay for on a regular basis. So it is mainly available for members, but non-members can try it 3 times. For the same reason you can currently use it 10 times a day as Basic member, 20 times a day as Pro member. We’ll see how it works for us all and may make some changes accordingly.

Easter Magic Scenes!

Our easter Magic Scene set allows you to add a festive touch to your HomeOur easter scene set is available again for everybody! Enjoy!
Seasonal free item, available for free until the end of April, thereafter available for all Members throughout the entire year.

Improved time displayment

Several of you suggested to have times not displayed relatively for last device actions. We have changed this accordingly and now show absolute times.

Improved: Long press for real daylight

Activating the daylight mode via switch long press shows you what is active and for how longThis existing Pro feature has been improved: Previously, you long-pressed a light or group switch in the app, your lights show a color temperature based on day or night.
With this update, we’ve improved it – it now calculates the actual color temperature based on the position of the sun at your location, and adds an automatic gradual change over the course of the next 2 hours, so your lights adjust to the sun’s course!

Please note: This only calculates the color temperature for a non-cloudy, non-polluted sky. Clouds may make sunlight colder, pollution warmer.
(Available for all Pro members)

Set up Hue Dimmer like v1/v2

Some of you have asked to set up your Hue Dimmer V2 like the V1 one or vice versa via the wizard.
You can do this from now on, and we hope it eases your home setup!

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