Fixtures for Hue lights

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Lamp shades / light fixtures: These work especially well with your Philips Hue lights! Find accessories for your Philips Hue Lightstrips, adapters and more. Note: The Philips lamps shown on this page are mainly only available in Europe. US and Canadian links are supplied whenever possible.
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German: Lampenschirme / Lampen: Diese funktioniert besonders gut mit Deinen Philips-Hue-Lampen! Entdecke zudem weiteres Zubehör für Deine Lightstrips, Adapter und Weiteres. Wenn Du Vorschläge für weitere Schirme hast, schreibe uns gern auf der Kontaktseite.

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E14 / Candalebra (E12) lamps

Paulmann Noora

Paulmann NooraThis is a decent priced nice frosted glass table lamp that should nicely fit in your E14 Hue lights.
Amazon Europe: Paulmann Noora

Ikea Vidja

The Ikea Vidja takes up to 6 E14 / E12 lights, though you don’t need to populate each light socket.
Brightness can add up to 1410 Lumens for 3 lights or 2820 Lumens for 6 lights (at 4000 Kelvin). The price is pretty good value, and it will likely make most fun with the color lights.

Amazon DE/FR/IT: Ikea Vidja
Amazon UK: Ikea Vidja
Amazon US: Ikea Vidja

Ikea Lampan

This is possibly the most simple lamp you could imagine – it’s just three pieces of plastic put together. Still, it looks great with an E14 Hue bulb in it.

Amazon Europe: Ikea Lampan
Amazon US: Ikea Lampan

Paulmann Vilma

The Paulmann Vilma is a simple frosted glass light, which distributes the colors of your Hue lights perfectly.

E27 / A19 (E26) lamps

E27 Floor lamps

Philips Chu

This is one of the very few lights available that can hold four E27 bulbs in a row as a floor lamp – it this makes it kind of special. Put four Hue color lights into it and it can give you great effects with animations and presets.
Although there are some exaggerated user reviews on Amazon, I would consider its build quality as still okay. It’s delivered with four bright CFL energy saving bulbs (which you may find use for somewhere else), but the Hues will still add up to enough brightness (around 3200 Lumens at 4000 Kelvin!).

Amazon DE/FR/UK: Philips Chu

Ikea Rutbo

The Rutbo takes up to three E27 lights. Since the paper is white, it will perfectly diffuse the colors of the used lights. Given its size, the price of the Rutbo is still very attractive.

Dado cube lamp

This one makes a great floor and garden light (it also contains a spike to fix it in earth). You can stack them and they are available in different sizes as well. Water proof (IP 65).

Amazon Europe: Dado cube lamp 30×30 cm
Amazon Europe: Dado cube lamp 38×38 cm

Lightcraft Shineball

This also makes a great floor and garden light (spikes are included). They are available in sizes of 20, 30, 40 and 50 centimeters. Water proof (IP 65).

Amazon Europe: Lightcraft Shineball

Eglo Troy

This is a floor lamp that is capable of holding one E27 Hue light and distributes its light evenly to all sides. It’s pretty good value for the money!

Amazon Europe: Eglo Troy

E27 table lamps

Philips myLiving Pine

This light looks a bit like a piece of a flower. It plays subtly with the shades of your lights and your interior colors.

Amazon Europe: Philips myLiving Pine

Ikea PS 2017

This light works via diffusion. It can paint your walls or just stand by your side and give you a big colored spot. Whatever you want – it’s affordable and fits your E27/A19 bulbs!

Philips myLiving Wellner

You may have seen this one already in some Hue commercial photos. While you can grab this light with a Hue color temperature light, too, I would recommend you this version, which only comes with a energy saving light and hence is much cheaper. It allows you to install a color Hue E27 light instead, which makes it great for color effects in your home.

Amazon Europe: Philips myLiving Wellner

Note: The Hue version comes with a Hue Dimmer and an E27 Hue White Ambiance light which also may find use somewhere else. If you can use both, the Hue version may be a bargain.
Amazon Europe: Philips Hue Wellner
Amazon US: Philips Hue Wellner


The EGLO Geo is a nice table and bed light that can hold E27 bulbs. It works quite well with the E27 Hue lights, too!

Amazon DE/FR/UK: EGLO Geo

Ikea Fado

The Fado is a cheap and still very well made E27 light fixture, which plays very well with the Hue colors.

Amazon DE: Ikea Fado
Amazon FR/UK: Ikea Fado
Amazon US/CA: Ikea Fado

E27/E26 pendant lamps

Philips myLiving Chiffon

The Chiffon is a great suspension light that plays with the color shades of your Hue lights and is available in multiple different shapes.

Amazon Europe: Philips myLiving Chiffon

Philips myLiving Mohair

The Mohair is another nice light that plays with shadows, which makes it a great mood light in combination with a color Hue light.

Amazon Europe: Philips myLiving Mohair

Philips Ecomoods

This nice pendant makes your Hue look like a little tornado hidden behind smoked glass. It plays well with your Hue’s colors, as it’s white and grey.
Amazon Europe: Philips Ecomoods

Ikea PS 2014

This light looks a bit similar to the Chiffon and a bit like a death star, but has a nifty feature: You can change its way of light exposure by pulling a strip. This makes it an incredible Hue companion light. You may prefer the silver one, as the others can influence the colors coming of your Hue light.

Amazon Europe: Ikea PS 2014 (May not be available everywhere at the moment, but ships from a different country’s Amazon to other European countries)
Amazon US/CA: Ikea PS 2014

Vita Silvia

According to several Hue users, this light perfectly plays with the shades of Hue lights.
Amazon Europe: Vita Silvia
Amazon US: Vita Silvia (cord sold separately)

Ikea Melodi

This is your cheapest way into colored pendant lights. The Ikea Melodi is capable of shining the light directly to your table and still diffuse it into your room.
Amazon Europe: Ikea Melodi

GU 10 lamps

SLV GU 10 spot

These spots are quite fantastic, because they look great and are capable of holding the longer Hue GU10 color lights. You can put them on the wall or use them as stand spots (though for the latter don’t expect too much stability).
They are also available as 2 or 3 spot ceiling lamps.

Amazon Europe: SLV GU 10 spot


This spot encapsulates the whole GU 10 light. This long version can also hold the Hue GU10 color and white ambiance spots. They can also, as shown in the picture, be used upside down and make your GU 10 lights small wall spots. Just add some thicker rubber feet to them and connect them to a cable with a plug.
There are square and round versions available, they are available in brushed aluminum and white.

Amazon DE: JVS Milano GU 10

SLV Nautilus spike XL

SLV Nautilus spike XLThis light is perfect for your garden! It also fits the longer GU 10 color lights and does this for a reasonable price.
Amazon DE/FR/IT: Nautilus spike XL

Kwazar GU10 outdoor floor lamp

This lamp can be recessed in the ground of e.g. your driveway or doorway and is capable of holding the color GU10 lights, and of course the color temperature lights as well. They are encapsulated and waterproofed this way.

Amazon DE: Kwazar floor light

Nordlux Nexus 10

This is a nicely designed pendant lamp, which comes with its own GU 10 light included, but is also capable of holding the longer Hue GU10 color lights.

Amazon: Nordlux Nexus

Philips Hue Lightstrip +

Surface 14 (Europe)

This channel profile has exactly the width of your Lightstrip+ and fits them in nicely. Included are parts to fix the profiles.

Amazon Europe: Surface 14

Ecolux wide channel profile (Europe)

If you prefer a profile with wider appeal, you should try the Ecolux wide profile. It’s capable of holding up to 24 mm strips – unfortunately not enough for two Lightstrip+, but enough space for one of them.
According to user Dieter, who also supplied the photo, the strip LEDs can still be seen, which can be attributed to both their length and their brightness. But it’s the same as with other strips.

Amazon DE/FR/IT: Ecolux 24mm wide profile (2 metres)

Paulmann 702.61 (Europe)

The Paulmann 702.61 is an edge channel profile for LED strips, and it can fully fit a Hue Lightstrip+ strip. According to a user, the LEDs of the strip can still be seen, but this is due to the long distance of the LED modules on the Lightstrip+.

Amazon Europe: Paulmann 702.61

SO-TECH 2m x 18 mm Profiles (Europe)

These profiles are available with clear as well as frosted diffusors.

Amazon Europe: SO-TECH 2m x 18 mm Profiles

6-pack 16 mm 3.3ft/1 Meter channels (US)

According to an American user, these channels work perfectly with the Lightstrip+.

Amazon US: 6-pack 16 mm 3.3ft/1 Meter channels

These here are a bit more expensive, but also look a bit better. They can fit two strips side by side if you remove the silicone casing:

Amazon US: 5-Pack Led Aluminum Channel Wide for LED Strip Double Row 5050 3.3ft/1 Meter channels

6-pack 18 mm 3.3ft/1 Meter channels (CA)

According to a Canadian user, these channels fit the Lightstrip+:

Amazon CA: 6-pack 18 mm 3.3ft/1 Meter channels

Adapters and accessories

Lightstrip plus cables

Do you want to extend your Lightstrip+, bend them around corners or get them into places where the delivered cable doesn’t help? Litcessory has got some cables, plugs, splitters and even RJ 45 extensions for your Lightstrip Plus!
Amazon US: Litcessory
Amazon DE: Litcessory
Amazon UK: Litcessory
Amazon FR: Litcessory
Amazon CA: Litcessory

Lightstrip plus doesn’t stick?

The duct tape used on the Lightstrips plus often doesn’t stick very well. With some work, you can replace it with other tapes.

Amazon Europe: 12 mm Tesa Tesafix 4965

Amazon US/CA: 0.5 inch 3M Scotch VHB Tape

E27 to E14 adapter

If you need brighter lights in your E14 fixture than the E14 lights produce, you may want to try an E27 to E14 adapter.

Amazon Europe: E27 to E14 adapters (4 pcs)

E26 to E12 adapter

There are currently no color E12 lights available by Philips. You can use an adapter if your fixture is large enough, though.
Amazon US/CA: E26 to E12 adapters (6 pcs)

E14 to GU10 adapter

This one lenghtens your light even a bit more, but may still work for you in some fixtures. It creates what doesn’t exist yet: An E14 spot light.
Amazon: E14 to GU 10 adapters (4 pcs)

E27 to GU10 adapter

Amazon Europe: E27 to GU 10 adapters (4 pcs)

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