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You want to replace a Philips Hue light (or compatible) on your Hue Bridge with a new light the easiest way? Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to do this with our Light Migration Wizard:

Please note the following:
Only lights of a same or better type can replace your old one (e.g. color -> color, color temp -> color, color -> gradient)
The Light Migration Wizard is part of our Pro membership (more details: App Functionality Options).

Why is the Light Migration Wizard the easiest way to replace a light?
It is the easiest way, because iConnectHue adjusts:

  • your scenes
  • group
  • timers
  • widget entries
  • names
  • transfers the starting behavior of your old lamp

Disclaimer: While these settings are usually changed automatically in the Hue app because we modify them on the bridge, we do not guarantee that everything in the Hue app (nor HomeKit, which we do not support) can or will be migrated, as its implementation might change, and we do not produce it, hence, have no influence on it.

First: Add the NEW lamp:

  • go to the “Lights and Plugs” overview
  • select the + symbol at the top right
  • follow the instructions of the app

Where do I find the Light Migration Wizard?

You’re offered the wizard at the end of the light search. Alternatively, the Light Migration Wizard is placed in the “Lights and Plugs” overview (3 bars top left -> Lights and Plugs).
You can start it by tap the magic wand on the upper left side.

Start the Light Migration Wizard

  • There, you select “Replace a light”
  • Please select the OLD light you want to replace
  • Then select the NEW light

Select your options in the Wizard (See addition to this below)

  • select what you want to transfer to your new lamp
  • Select “Continue”
  • finally, you can delete the old lamp with the wizard, or keep it

These are your possible options

  • Groups & scenes: In all groups and the associated scenes, the respective lamps are replaced
  • No doubled lights: Removes only the old lamp in groups where the new one is already included
  • Take over name: New lamp is named after the old one, the old one contains “old” in the appendix
  • Update widget: Actions in the widget are migrated from the old lamp to the new one
  • Take over startup mode: Starting behavior of the old lamp is transferred to the new one
  • Take over timers: Timers of the old lamp are transferred to the new one (and deleted on the old one)

What the Wizard is currently NOT doing:

  • Adjust switching actions on individual lamps in the switching editor (this may have to be updated manually)
  • Update the motion sensor return mode in certain cases (this may have to be updated manually)
  • Update actions on devices that have not been configured with iConnectHue

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