The light migration wizard offers the flexibility to modify the start behavior of existing lamps as well as new ones.

Our app offers two different startup modes: In batch mode, you have the ability to configure lamps that are already connected to the bridge, and you can personally select which ones should have their startup behavior changed. On the other hand, the automatic light search setup takes care of this automatically for any lamps added in the future, eliminating the need to manually adjust their startup behavior after they’ve been added. It is important to add the new lights through the iConnectHue app to use this feature automatically.

Please note: The light start mode wizard is part of our Pro Membership

(More details at: App Function Options)

The possible startup modes:

  • Warm White: Turns on the light with a 100% brightness and a white warm color
  • Last State: Restores the last state of the light. If it was off when disconnecting from electricity it stays off. If the light was on, the last state (color and brightness) will be used, just like before the disconnect.
  • Last color: The light gets turned on, independent from the last on state, with the previously used color
  • Color: Select a color for the lamp to default to in the event disconnecting of electricity. Keep in mind that only lamps with the ability to display colors can use the full color range. If you have lamps capable of dimming or adjusting color temperature, you can modify the settings according to what the specific lamp supports.

How to use the wizard to change the startup mode of existing lights:

Open the ‘Lights & Plugs’ menu and click on the magic wand symbol in the upper left corner.

Choose the option ‘Change startup behavior’

You now have the option to manually pick the lamps you want to edit through the batch processing mode or let the automatic light search mode automatically handle this for all lights that will be found in the future. Therefore, opt for the batch processing mode.

Choose the lights by clicking on them (under every name you can see the current starting behavior) and then click continue.

Now set up the mode by deciding between the 4 options (warm white; last state; last color & color) and finish the process by clicking continue. Caution: The mode will be set for every selected light. If you wish to set up different modes you need to use the wizard twice, once per mode.

The Lights are now getting set up and configured with the new mode.

How to change the startup mode of future lights:

Please repeat the first three steps from the previous tutorial.
Instead of the batch mode, select the second option ‘automatic light search setup’ to choose the start behavior of lights you are going to add in the future to your bridge. (In this case, the set value will be used on all bridges.)
After setting up the startup mode and clicking on ‘continue’, it will be saved and used in the future.

With iConnectHue’s light startup mode wizard, you can effortlessly tailor the startup behavior of your lights. Whether you’re dealing with existing lamps or planning for future additions, the options available in batch processing mode and automatic light search mode put you in control.

Interested in going pro?

The light start mode wizard is exclusive to our Pro Members. Start or upgrade your membership under “Settings” in the app, or via the App Store under your profile’s “Subscriptions”. More details on membership options, including how to upgrade, can be found in our FAQ.

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