iConnectHue 3.7 adds support for Lutron Aurora. And when we say “support”, this means one can fully find and manage this device with iConnectHue, in all its details!

It supports short and long press like the Hue Dimmer on its switch, and the middle button can be configured like any other switch. Up to five actions can be done per press or rotation, so up to 5 groups are possible.

As known from other devices, these things can be done with the middle button:

  • Alternations like multiple presses, time slots, day/night and group “on” state (only short press)
  • Fade times for each action can be set
  • Up to 5 actions per button press – colors, scenes, Magic Scenes, and (optionally) animations, blink alerts, sleep timers, motion sensor cancel, group and light on/off

On turning, one can:

  • Turn on/brighten or lower brightness
  • Cancel motion sensors

You can find out more details about the Lutron Aurora in our review.

We also have done several more things:

  • We prepared iConnectHue for iOS13 – a final iOS13 support version will follow with iOS’ 13th release
  • We’ve added support for new Innr filament bulbs (our review is here
  • As always: We’ve improved several parts of the app

iConnectHue is one of the most advanced and feature-packed apps available for the Philips Hue system. You can read more about iConnectHue’s features on the Feature page.

iConnectHue 3.7 is a free update for existing users and is available in the App Store.

Get the feature press image here.

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