Did you ever want to use more of those Hue bulbs than your bridge would accept? Do you live or work at multiple locations, but want to handle all of them without the crude solution to use multiple Hue apps?

iConnectHue 2.3 is the first app to support multiple bridges on your iPhone and iPad. Each functionality, like main controller, presets, light list, your devices, your lights, widget, watch or coming and leaving home action – all of them can now handle your multiple bridges and multiple locations. You can have up to 20 locations and handle one or multiple bridges with each of them. This feature works best with remote access being set up for every bridge.

This feature is possibly the most complex achievement that has been brought to iConnectHue yet. It is available as an in app purchase for 4 US$ / €.

Besides this big feature, this release also brings some other improvements as well:

  • Faster preset loading (presets are kept as scene on the bridge)
  • Bridge 2 support
  • Find and trigger presets via Spotlight
  • Use 3D Touch to turn your lights off and on
  • Better Osram lightify lights (on Hue bridge) support
  • Repeat watch voice commands if they were not understood
  • Watch voice commands now also in Italian
  • New Touchlink search of new bridge firmware supported (to add Living Colors / Living Whites)
  • Automatic remote access now uses your location instead of WiFi SSID
  • Multiple bug fixes and improvements

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