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Privacy Policy
(as of June 14th 2018)

Note – if you have come here due to an app update: We do now provide a privacy policy with better transparency of what we already did, still do and explain why we do it. What we do hasn’t changed, and we even improved privacy for you where possible.



In this document we (see our Imprint) inform you as controller according to art. 4 para 7 GDPR about the collection and use of personal data when using

  1. Our websites (“Website”) available on, and; and
  2. Our mobile “iConnectHue” apps available in the App Store for iOS for iPhone and for iPad (“Mobile App”).

“Personal Data” is all data relating to you, e.g. name, address, e-mail address, and further information such as user behavior.




Website Visits in General

When using the Website merely for information purposes, meaning when you don’t register or transmit to us information another way, we collect only the personal data that your browser transmits to our server. When you want to peruse our Website, we collect the following data that is technically necessary to display the Website and to ensure stability and security (legal basis is our legitimate interest in the flawless functionality of the Website according to art. 6 para 1 S. 1 lit. f GDPR):

  • IP address;
  • Date and time of the request;
  • Time zone difference to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT);
  • Content of the request (concrete web page);
  • Access status/HTTP status code;
  • Respectively transmitted data volume;
  • Website from which the request originates;
  • Used browser incl. language and version;
  • Operating system (OS) of the used device and its surface.

In addition to the previously mentioned data, the following transient and persistent cookies are stored on your computer when using the Website:

  1. Transient cookies: These cookies are automatically deleted when you close the browser. This applies i.e. to session cookies that store a so-called Session ID with which several requests from your browser can be assigned to the same session. In doing so, your computer can be recognized when you return to the Website. Session cookies are deleted when you close the browser.
  2. Persistent cookies: These cookies are automatically deleted after a predefined time that can vary from cookie to cookie. You can delete cookies in your browser’s settings at any time.

You can configure your browser settings according to your liking and, e.g., deny the acceptance of third-party cookies or of cookies altogether. In such a case you might not be able to use all functions of the Website though.

Contact Form

When you contact us (e.g. through a contact form or via e-mail), indicating any of your data is voluntary as far as we do not need it to fulfill or answer your request. We store your said data to handle your request and potential follow-up questions.

When contacting us, depending on your given data, different data categories are collected. The legal basis for using this service is, depending on your type of inquiry, art. 6 para 1 lit. a (your consent) or lit. b (our having to process your data to fulfill our duties towards you) GDPR.


This Website uses Clicky, a web tracking service of Roxr Software, Ltd., 10883 SE Main St #201, Milwaukie, OR 97222, USA. To do so, Clicky stores Cookies. To allocate your Website visit we anonymize your IP address immediately upon collection, therefore cannot relate to you personally.

The information collected through said cookies are usually transmitted to a server of Roxr Software in the US and stored there. On our behalf Roxr Software uses this information to interpret your Website use, to assemble reports on the Website activities, and to render further Website- and internet-related services to us. The legal basis of the use of this service is our legitimate interest in the traceability of the use and, in turn, optimizing our services pertaining to art. 6 para 1 lit. f GDPR.

You can prevent storing of the cookies through a respective setting in your browser software. You might not be able to use all functions on the Website then though. You can also object to the collection of data by clicking onto the following link:

YouTube Videos

We embed YouTube videos on the Website to demonstrate our products that are hosted by the YouTube LLC, a subsidiary of Google, in the USA. The videos are embedded using the so-called Extended Privacy option (information on that is available here: With this option activated, cookies are only set on your device, and your personal data is only collected when you click on the video.

If after said first click you click on any YouTube video embedded on the Website, Google stores in the mentioned cookie an abundance of data (e.g. device-based information, logfiles, location-based information, application identifiers, and visits of websites using Google advertising services) and processes it e.g. for the provision and maintenance of the services, development of new services, and provision of customized content (advertisements and search results). The data collected through the cookies is usually transferred to a Google server in the USA and stored there. The compliance with data protection standards and your rights is ensured by Google’s certificate and the EU-US Privacy Shield.

Google transmits data to third parties as far as a respective consent has been declared, as it is required by law or third parties process said data on Google’s behalf.

You can prevent storing of the Google cookies through a pertaining setting in your browser. This might limit the functionality of the YouTube videos and Google services. Further information is available in the Google Privacy Statement.

Using the YouTube video function is voluntary. Legal basis of processing your data is art. 6 para 1 lit. a GDPR.

Affiliate Partner Advertising Network

We participate in several partner network programs (“Affiliate Networks”) that work as described here. We display links to our network partners’ products or other offers, and when clicking on any of them, information is added to the link and transferred to our respective partner that you clicked on one of our links to said product. When you subsequently buy anything from our network partner we receive a small remuneration for advertising their products. This way we finance a part of our services, for example to purchase further products we review and display in this context. In the following we provide details on how the system works, and enumerate our network partners.

Our affiliate links’ – with the exception of those in the iTunes Affiliate and the Affilinet system (more detail follows) – clearly show their targets and network partners. They are named, e.g., „Amazon US/CA: Philips Hue Motion Sensor“, which means they lead to Amazon US/CA. When you click on an affiliate link our webserver stores a cookie on your device that contains the following types of data and transmits them to our network partner:

  1. Referrer ID, meaning the ID of the linking partner (in this case us); and
  2. IP address.

The mentioned data is, as the case may be with the respective network, processed either exclusively in the EU or, when a network stores and processes the tracking data also outside of the EU, said networks fulfill the requirements of the EU-US Privacy Shield or have concluded contracts with the advertising network providers (e.g. Standard Contractual Clauses) that ensure a GDPR-equivalent data protection level.

Google Web Fonts

The Website uses Google Web Fonts. When visiting the Website, your browser downloads Google Web Fonts from a Google server to display text on the Website correctly. For said download, your IP address is transmitted to a Google server outside of the EU. Whether Google undertakes processing of your data, and which type or types, is unknown to us.

Legal basis of the use of Google Web Fonts is our legitimate interest in attractive Website text according to art. 6 para 1 lit. f GDPR.

More details on Google Web Fonts is available in the Google font FAQ (, and the Google Privacy Policy (



The following information relates to your use of the Mobile Apps.

Collection of Personal Data When Using the App

When downloading the Mobile App the necessary information is transmitted to the respective app store provider, i.e. user name, e-mail address and customer number of your account, time of download, payment information and the individual device identifier. We have no influence on and are not responsible for said data transfer, and do not have access to it.

When using the Mobile App we collect the following types of personal data technically necessary to provide the Mobile App’s functions and ensure their stability and security (legal basis is our legitimate interest in providing a stabile app according to art. 6 para 1 S. 1 lit. f GDPR):

  • IP address;
  • Date and time of the request;
  • Time zone difference to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT);
  • Content of the request (concrete web page);
  • Access status/HTTP status code;
  • Respectively transmitted data volume.

When you open websites through the Mobile App, e.g. YouTube video pages, cookies are stored on the device in addition to the previously mentioned data. Among these cookies are i.e. session cookies that store a so-called Session ID with which the various requests of the Mobile App are allocable. The session cookies are – just like any other cookies that are, as the case may be, set – deleted when you close the respective window.

Geolocation for Location-Based App Functions

When you use certain functions in the Mobile App, such as “Automation on arrival and leaving” or “Daylight dependent actions”, the Mobile App collects and processes the geolocation of your device. This data is stored locally on your used device and bridge(s) only.

Legal basis of these processes is art. 6 para 1 lit. b GDPR. If you do not want your geolocation to be collected for the mentioned purposes, please do not use the mentioned functions.

Audio Recordings („Discotainment“)

When you use the function “Discotainment“, audio is recorded and automatically analyzed for certain patterns by the Mobile App through the device’s microphone to control lights, and deleted immediately after the analysis.

Legal basis of this process is art. 6 para 1 lit. b GDPR. Should you not want said audio recording, please do not use the function “Discotainment”.

Contact Function

When you contact us through the contact function in the Mobile App because of a problem or with a question, your current IP address, your bridge and app settings, and the last activities in the Mobile App are collected and transmitted to us along with your contact to allow us to solve your problem and localize and prevent system crashes in the future. Legal basis of this process is art. 6 para 1 lit. b GDPR.

You can remove said data prior to sending of the e-mail. In that case it probably won’t be possible for us to help you with the Mobile App though.

YouTube Videos

YouTube videos are embedded in the Mobile App that are hosted by the Google subsidiary YouTube, LLC, 901 Cherry Ave., San Bruno, CA 94066, USA who also provides the script for embedding said videos. When you tap on a video embedded in the Mobile App and are logged in to your YouTube account, YouTube can allocate your surfing behavior to your personal profile. You can prevent this by logging out of your YouTube account prior to tapping on any YouTube video.

The legal basis for using YouTube as video-embedding service provider is our legitimate interest in making our offers attractive and understandable and to appeal to a wide audience according to art. 6 para 1 lit. f GDPR.

All details on which data is collected and processed when using YouTube is available at

Google Crashlytics and Google Answers

It is crucial to us give you a stable and well-functioning Mobile App. In the Mobile App we use two modules of Google Fabric (, a framework by Google, through which we track the following functions of the Mobile App in real time.

We use Crashlytics ( to track and in the future prevent app crashes. In case of a crash, a crash report is created automatically and transmitted to Google that comprises the type of used device, the operating system, your last activities in the Mobile App, and your IP address in pseudonymous form. Information on the functionalities of Crashlytics is available here:

We use Answers to track how many new users use the Mobile App (more precisely, how many currently unknown instances of the Mobile App are run). To recognize and track single Mobile App instances, a pertaining identifier (a so-called “UUID”, a 16-digit code of letters and numbers) is generated and stored on the used device. The UUID is stored for 90 days and subsequently deleted.

For all mentioned Fabric services, only anonymized or pseudonymized user data is transmitted to Google. Fabric’s privacy statement is available at

The legal basis for the use of Crashlytics and Answers is our legitimate interest in tracking which errors exist in the Mobile App, how they can be fixed, and how many new users install the Mobile App in order to improve the Mobile App as well as possible pertaining to art. 6 para 1 lit. f GDPR.

If you do not want the mentioned data categories to be collected and processed, you have no option but not to use the Mobile App.

Advertising Network: iTunes Affiliate

The information given above in section “WEBSITE VISITS” applies here as well with the exception that only iTunes Affiliate is used in the Mobile App.


You have the following rights regarding your personal data collected by and/or stored with us. You may request:

  • Access to your personal data;
  • Rectification or erasure of your wrong personal data; and
  • Restriction of processing.
  • You may object to processing, and
  • Have the right to data portability.

To exercise any of the above-mentioned rights please use the contact form on

You may furthermore lodge a complaint about our processing your personal data with a supervisory authority.

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