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iConnectHue Pro: We’ve heard your feedback

You’ve written us and we’ve collected several things our Pro users wanted. We also had a little feature list ourselves with ideas nobody yet tried to create.
The result is iConnectHue Pro – an extended version of iConnectHue. Originally we planned to make it a separate app. In the midterm we decided that we don’t want you to have another app again and hence added iConnectHue Pro’s features as an upgrade in iConnectHue.

Pro currently focuses on improved color temperature handling to control your lights thoughout the day, and improved quick access via Widget and Siri Shortcuts.

iConnectHue Pro is available via a membership. You can find our worldwide price list here.

Get access to all features and scenes

The Pro membership grants you unlimited access to ALL features of iConnectHue. You are not limited to anything, but always get access to the latest and greatest features, Magic Scenes and Animations. No additional purchases required.

Share your membership

We know how hard it is to work with purchases in the app store system within the family. We’ve hence created a functionality to share your membership with up to 5 family members of the same household*.
It works via Airdrop, and sharing works within a few seconds.

After getting your membership on the main device, go to iConnectHue’s settings on the other device, select “Request membership share” and exchange the data via Airdrop.

*Please note that we mean by “same household” that these family members are permanent part of that household. We do not support configurations where those members have an own household as well.

Group widget and picture

Customize each of your groups with quick access to Scenes, colors, Magic Scenes, Animations, Motion sensor temperatures, timers and instant timers.
Add a picture to your group to personalize it even more!

Access it in group overview via force touch or haptic touch (latter available with 4.0.4).

Incandescent mode

Make your color temperature capable lights act light a good ol’ lightbulb – when dimming them, you also change their color temperature.
The initial color temperature can be freely set and moves along.

The best part is this: You can opt to let your hardware switches alter the color temperature as well! So if you like to have a more ambient color temperature when you dim down with e.g. your Hue Dimmer – just add a color temperature change on the side of the lightness change.

Share your content

Although also a feature of the basic membership, it’s an important feature: You can share your Magic Scenes and Animations with other members, or your family!

Daylight functionality

Long press any group/light in-app or widget lightswitch to turn on your lights depending on day or night – cold white light on day, warm-white at night.

Teach your Hue switches the same – long press the “on” switch for light fitting your daytime, or press button 3 on your Hue Tap for the fitting color temperature (each one needs to be set up via wizard).

We plan to extend this functionality over the course of time.

Make sure to set your home location in the automation settings in order for this to work!

Widget on your Apple Watch

Get access to your most important functions on your Apple Watch. Just fill the widget under iConnectHue’s settings, then force-press the Watch app to toggle between widget and group mode.

Note: After getting your membership, please restart the watch app for the changes to come into effect.

Also note: Due to the complex nature of this, we do not officially support watch plus nor this on devices of shared memberships yet, only on the watch of the main member.

Extended Siri Shortcuts

Currently supported: Sleep timers and reminders started via Siri Shortcuts. You can add them directly within iConnectHue!

Light migration wizard

Have a light that is defective and/or that should be replaced?
This wizard makes it a breeze – just select your old light and the light that should replace it – iConnectHue adjusts scenes, groups, timers, widget entries, names and can even take over the old light’s startup mode to the new one!

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